The Best of Hawaii: Breathtaking Kauai

Footage includes the Queens Bath, Hanalei, humpback whales, Kalalau Trail, Waimea Canyon and more

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If you ask anyone in the world what their dream destination is, chances are they are going to tell you “Hawaii.” With alluring ocean waves, breathtaking landscapes, and a vast amount of natural beauty surrounding the island — it is no surprise why millions of vacationers visit this destination each year. While there are hundreds of cities in Hawaii, one of the most awe-inspiring hotspots is Kauai. From rich beach hangouts to an array of activities such as parasailing and surfing; the opportunities are endless.

If you are looking for fun in the sun, one of the most popular things to do in Kauai is relax on the beach. Lumahai Beach Park is a wonderful place to visit if you are looking to take beautiful photos. While it is not recommended to swim in the water, due to dangerous currents, the landscape is astonishing. Clear blue water, jagged cliffs, and a plethora of palm trees will you remind you that you have finally found paradise. Additionally, this beach was also home to the infamous South Pacific movie.

We all love to relax on the beach, but at some point, we like to go above and beyond our normal every day experiences. If you are looking for adventure, Wailua Falls is the place to go. Beautiful waterfalls surround moderate to difficult hiking trails that extend down the mountain. While they may be tough, the majority of tourists will tell you that it is exceedingly worth it. You not only are able to travel down to the bottom of the waterfall, but you are allowed to take photos and experience a plethora of wild life. Looking for a peaceful escape? Hawaii residents suggest going early, as it does get crowded in the afternoon hours.

When one goes to Hawaii, they know that they absolutely have to try the #1 hobby on the island: surfing. At “Hawaiian Surfing Adventures” in Kilauea near Princeville, you will certainly get your fair share of the sport. With affordable hourly rates and hilarious instructors, the experience is more than recommended. By learning how to surf, you will not only be able to take it back with you after your vacation, but you may end up finding something new that you love to do. From children to teenagers and adults — anyone can learn how to surf, as long as they are ready to fall down!

If regular sailing is not your cup of tea, you may want to try windsurfing. In Kauai, Anini Beach Windsurfing is a must-do. At this eye-catching beach, you will easily learn how to master the craft. Fortunately, the waves are never too large, and the water is generally calm. For beginners, this is a perfect destination. Furthermore, the instructors are more than happy to teach you tricks. While the equipment may not be top notch, the windsurfing is definitely a one of a kind experience.

When we imagine a breathtaking island, we usually envision something that resembles Hawaii. With thousands of their islands and picture perfect sunsets appearing on postcards worldwide, it is clear why people have no problem flying to this destination. Kauai is truly a peaceful haven — filled with nature, serenity, and luxury. With thousands of activities to do upon arrival, the opportunities to have a memorable vacation are endless.

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